About Venessa Kelley

About Venessa Kelley:
The Artist Formerly Known as Mudblood428

I was a really burned out English graduate student when I rediscovered my love of illustration and filmmaking. While reading JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, I put my pencil to the paper for the first time in nearly a decade to sketch some of my favorite scenes. It happens that posting a few sketches on the internet is a quick way to get vacuum-sucked into one of the largest and embracing fandoms in existence, and before I realized what was happening, I was drawing daily and learning the secrets of digital art and illustration from incredibly talented and generous fan artists from all over the world. All this happened with my identity hidden behind the screen name, “Mudblood428” (so chosen because I felt a kinship with J.K. Rowling’s floofy-haired heroine, Hermione.)

Meanwhile, as a marketing and advertising specialist for the Air National Guard and National Guard Joint Staff, I applied my film background to producing photo shoots and commercials, ultimately writing, filming, directing, and editing videos for National Guard families.

Never being one to pick and choose among my favorites, I decided that the best way to keep drawing AND filming was to combine the disciplines through the creation of a new storefront: Red Admiral Creative Studio. This company would find expression through film and illustration, with its creative endeavors fueled by a lifetime studying recipes for great storytelling.

I hope you’ll stay awhile, enjoy what you see, and come back again. And again.