Help Send “Starflyer John Jackson” into the galaxy!

April is a huge month for Red Admiral! In addition to finishing up illustrations for Willow Watts and the Green School Wish (more info on that project coming soon!), the Kickstarter campaign has officially launched for Starflyer John Jackson – a children’s book RA has partnered with author, Steven J. Shaw to produce! (Have I used enough exclamation points?) Check out the intro video we made to get you guys just as excited about this project as we are:

How We Did It

I live for getting the behind-the-scenes details, so consider this the ‘Special Features’ tab on your Starflyer John Jackson Blu-Ray. Starting with the Google Doc manuscript of his story, Steve and I spent months prior to the Kickstarter discussing Starflyer John – his character, his friends, his world, and how the book would meet the very real need for more Sci-Fi children’s literature. Ultimately, this led to conversations about how to make sure the book would not just get published, but perform in the marketplace.

Starflyer John Character Study

We even modeled Starflyer John after Steve’s son, Jack.


Once it seemed like we had a good handle on how the book would look and feel, we developed our game plan for getting the project funded. Everything from concept art to videos was plotted in advance and dropped into a timeline to ensure Steve had everything he needed to help his project reach as many people as possible once the Kickstarter campaign went live.

Living in an internet age is stupendous, especially when you’re tag-teaming with 300 miles between you. Knowing we couldn’t send me up to New York to film Steve’s interview, I sent the specifications Steve would need to film an interview and introduction in the comfort of his own home (using none other than an iPhone. Thanks again, Apple), and upon getting the raw footage, we worked together to arrive at a brief, persuasive video introduction to the project that conveyed all the fun and whimsy of his story. We then sent a rough cut to the truly talented guys at Write Me My Song to produce music for the Kickstarter video.  The group’s in-house composer Evan Behlivanis literally whipped up a stellar soundtrack that hit every visual cue in the video.


Steve and I are big “Firefly” fans. You might see a little of Serenity in “The Rough-01” that Starflyer John Jackson pilots…


And there you have it. The recipe for making a big splash with a small budget.

One of the reasons I’m so excited about this partnership is that it represents the kind of collaboration that Red Admiral specializes in rockin’.  This project not only brings together the imaginations of a writer and illustrator, it also marks the first film collaboration between Red Admiral Creative Studio and Write Me My Song, a partnership that means wonderful things for us and our clients from here on out. From the source material to the marketing materials to the final product, it’s a team effort, and the effects are magical.

I hope you’ll consider contributing to this project, and help us send “Starflyer John Jackson” into the galaxy! More on this exciting project is ahead, so stay tuned!

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