The Reel: Happy New Year!

To sum up 2014 in a word: WOW. Red Admiral has grown so much over the last year thanks to some amazing and interesting collaborations and projects, and it looks like 2015 will keep the momentum going! There are wonderful things in store ahead, but first, here’s the Red Admiral Creative Studios year in review, with links to our projects so you can own your own piece of RA!

Starflyer John Jackson (Steven J. Shaw)
This story is perfect for the sci-fi fan-in-training! RA provided video support and graphic design for the Starflyer John Jackson Kickstarter campaign, and managed the illustrations, text, and design for this one-of-a-kind romp in space with a young pilot and his quirky crew. Purchase on!

Summary: Starflyer John Jackson may be the youngest pilot in the Outer Planets, but he’s also the best! Together with his best friend and First Mate, Winfield, Ack the Robot, and a half lizard/half dog named Lizzie, he shuttles cargo across the solar system, outsmarting the Zeeps and having fun in their unstoppable ship, The Rough-01. Join Starflyer John and his crew on their first galactic adventure!

Starflyer John Jackson

Cover Artwork for Starflyer John Jackson

Willow Watts and the Green School Wish (Annie R. Donnelly)
Willow was the recipient of the 2014 Center for Green School’s “Moment for the Movement” Award for its role in raising awareness of green building and sustainability among young people. Perfect for the kid with dreams of changing the world one person at a time! RA managed illustrations, text, copyediting, and design. Purchase on!

Summary: Princess Smog has a special wish for her birthday but her Grandfather King Smog is hard to convince. With help from her pen pal Willow Watts, Princess Smog teaches her Grandfather why a green school is the perfect gift for her and the students of Smogville.

Cover Artwork for Willow Watts and the Green School Wish

Cover Artwork for Willow Watts and the Green School Wish

Discovery Girls Magazine (Discovery Girls Inc.)
So proud to be the contributing illustrator for Discovery Girls Magazine, a Mom’s Choice Award winning publication! Look for my illustrations in the “Ask Ali” and “Embarrassing Moments” columns. Available at your local bookstore or subscribe at!


Hostage Negotiator (Van Ryder Games)
I’m so excited to announce the imminent arrival of my first board game project! RA provided graphic design support for the base game and expansion packs, and provided illustrations for Abductor Pack 2 (because, every hostage crisis needs an abductor, right?). This riveting solitaire game is now available for pre-order at

Summary: It happens on rare occasions, but it is what you have spent your life preparing and training for… Hostages have been taken. You head to the command center at the scene. The Crisis Commander briefs you on the situation, then you pick up the phone and the mental jousting begins…

Hostage Negotiator is a solitaire Card game where you play the role of a Hostage Negotiator that has the responsibility and the burden of negotiating with a hostile Abductor who has taken hostages and is hell bent on achieving some unscrupulous goal. Use your wits to adapt to whatever the Abductor or the situation throws your way to save the hostages and win the game!

Van Ryder Games

Hostage Negotiator now available for Pre-Order!

Incredible how time flies! Thanks so much for following and supporting Red Admiral in its very first year of business. I like to think Red Admiral Creative Studio is all about helping good stories become great stories, which is precisely what I wish for all of you in 2015. Make this year your best story yet!

*throws confetti*

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