The Reel: September 2014 Edition

All has been quiet on the blog front, but I’m happy to report it hasn’t been for lack of activity! As a matter of fact, the last several months have proved the most exciting yet, with major news to share of RA’s upcoming projects! Here’s what’s in production:

1) Salvation Road: A VanRyder Games board game 

"Post Apocalypse: Salvation Road" concept art

Concept art for “Post-Apocalypse: Salvation Road”

Red Admiral Creative Studio will be providing illustrations and graphic design for a new board game, “Salvation Road”, to be Kickstarted and published by Van Ryder Games! Be sure to check out the Board Game Geek Press Release, which talks about about the thematic nature of this “Road Warrior” inspired game.

This project will be RA’s first board game, and I’m not gonna lie – I couldn’t be more excited to draw some seriously bleak and decrepit stuff. More details on how you can contribute to the Kickstarter and own your own bit of post-apocalyptic fun in the months ahead!

2) Starflyer John Jackson

The cast of "Starflyer John Jackson", a sci-fi book series by Steven J. Shaw

The cast of “Starflyer John Jackson”, a sci-fi book series by Steven J. Shaw

We did it! With your help, author Steven J. Shaw was able to meet the Kickstarter goal to produce his upcoming children’s book, Starflyer John Jackson with illustrations from Red Admiral’s own drawing board. I couldn’t be more excited about this project, as it promises to take readers on a thrilling ride through space with Starflyer John and his eclectic crew.

3) Willow Watts and the Green School Wish

Cover Artwork for Willow Watts and the Green School Wish

Cover Artwork for Willow Watts and the Green School Wish

Red Admiral is proud to announce that its very first children’s book illustration and graphic design project is nearing completion and will be released in time for the holidays! Willow Watts and the Green School Wish was written by Annie Donnelly and is being published by Great Books 4 Kids

As you can see, things are super busy in the best possible way, and there’s only more great news ahead as these projects come to fruition and make their way onto shelves. Be sure to come back to RA’s blog or follow RA on Facebook and Twitter for the latest details on these projects and more!

Happy September,

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